Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Supa Modo — Showmax

A multi-award winning Kenyan superhero film that tells the heartwarming story of a terminally ill child obsessed with Jackie Chan movies, who when she returns to her village to live out her remaining time gets a chance to be a superhero. It’s a clever, funny, human story that puts the continent on the cinematic map and has plenty to recommend it for adults and younger viewers alike.

The Unicorn Store — Netflix

Actress Brie Larson makes her directorial debut with this whimsical film about a twenty-something art student who is forced to grow up and face the world, thanks to the help of interesting friends. It’s a little uneven in places but has a strong supporting cast, including Larson’s buddy Samuel L Jackson and oddball favourite Joan Cusack, and proves that Larson has directorial ability. It’s mostly a charming story about everyone’s inner child and the power of imagination that’s inoffensive and easy to digest.

Traitors — Netflix

A grown-up spy thriller set in London in the aftermath of World War II. This is a slow-burning but intriguing historical account of the battle for Britain and western values in the early days of the Cold War. With excellent performances from Michael Stuhlbarg and Keeley Hawes, it’s a twisty, if not always as thrilling as it should be, take on spies, politics and the fight for values in a changing world.

The Spy Who Fell to Earth — Netflix

More cloak and dagger in this riveting documentary about one of the 20th century’s possibly greatest secret agents who was virtually unknown until his mysterious death after falling from the balcony of his London apartment in 2007. Ashraf Marwan was an Egyptian millionaire and son-in-law of the country’s president who was outed as one of Israel’s most successful agents shortly before his death. This is his story, told by Mossad agents and Egyptian military members and raising intriguing questions about Marwan’s shadowy life.

Quicksand — Netflix

A solid, steely-eyed piece of Scandi Noir from the team behind The Bridge, this show centres on a young woman who is arrested after a school shooting. As we travel back to the months before the tragedy we learn that things may not be as clear-cut as they seem and everybody in her seemingly comfortable Stockholm suburb has questions to answer and secrets to hide.