1. Veganism was perhaps the central focus of food and dietary discussion in 2019. While the debate continues, some have managed to track the short-to-medium-term changes noticeable in a person’s body.

2. Early in 2019, SA received tragic news about one of its iconic giants. Scientists revealed there was only one “truly wild, free-roaming” elephant left in the Knysna forest, a female about 45 years old.

3. Motorists in SA have a complicated relationship with those who police the roads. This relationship became more so when the government announced plans to introduce an Aarto “stealth tax” in addition to licence demerits.

4. The ousting of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is likely to be the subject of much writing still to come. One of the first that came in the form of a book was Two Weeks in November.

5. 2019 delivered on much but, unfortunately, it did not settle the debate on whether we should remove meat entirely from our diet to reverse the destruction of our natural environment. Some believe the answer lies not so much in what we consume, but how it is produced.

6. With close to one hijacking taking place in SA every 15 minutes, South Africans are always in need of safety tips. Tracker revealed some useful insights into the time of day and day of the week when vehicle crime is most likely to occur.

7. Exercise tips are all too common and, unfortunately, vary widely. But they seldom focus on your age and what your body needs at a specific time in your life.

8. As the world keeps changing due to the effects of human activity on the environment, new ideas keep coming to the fore. Some are as simple as planting more trees, while others are as outrageous as towing icebergs to Cape Town.

9. While health advice tends to focus on exercise, diet and serious disease, sometimes it’s necessary to look at the small things as well. This article explains how testosterone, not just for men, extends far beyond sex drive and fertility.

10. Celebrating the birth of a machine built to get humans from point A to B is not all that common. This is not the case for the iconic VW Golf.

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