Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Wouldn’t you like to be invisible sometimes? Silicon Streetwear has launched a new range of fashion items for the privacy conscious.

It’s called Silicon Secrets, and keeps you safe from hackers and scanners.

Your body has a natural aura — your heartbeat, skin temperature and the blood coursing through your veins combine to create a unique biometric signature that identifies you as you.

But you also have a digital aura created by your wearables and devices, some of which may be implants.

Your wireless aura not only identifies you, but reports on your movements and makes you reachable at all times. This is hardly ideal when you want to be incognito. The new Silicon Secrets fabric contains interwoven digital nanofibres that act like a Faraday cage, dispersing and scattering any wireless signals and blocking radio frequencies. Drop your phone into a pocket and you’re instantly off the grid.

These days, when you can tweet with little more than a thought or pay with the wave of a hand, you also want convenient privacy without having to wear an anonymous mask. The Advanced Personal Privacy (APP) built into the Secrets digisuit deflects millimetre wavelengths, so your biometric data are also safe.

Even facial recognition is impossible if you’re wearing the hoodie or scarf.

So now you can go about your private business, dressed in ordinary-looking clothes, knowing no one can track or call you — unless you want them to. Secrets fabric is available for curtains, too, keeping your home safe from more than just prying eyes. Think of it as a digital cloaking device. Hey presto, and you’re digitally invisible.

There’s only one drawback to wearing Secrets digital clothing — when you go through an airport scanner, you have to take it all off!


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