Burnt out Ford Kuga. Picture: NIVESH SEWPERSADH
Burnt out Ford Kuga. Picture: NIVESH SEWPERSADH

Lawyers for embattled car maker Ford insist on access to a police docket on the death of one of its customers.

Claudo Bollo of the law firm BBM‚ which represents Ford‚ said outside the Cape Town High Court on Wednesday morning that they were prepared for the matter.

Ford launched an urgent court application in December for access to all evidence in the inquest docket on the death of Reshall Jimmy.

Jimmy‚ 33‚ was burnt alive in his Ford Kuga in December 2015 while on holiday in the Wilderness, Western Cape.

Forensic investigators hired by the Jimmy family‚ and police and insurance fire experts say a wiring fault in the dashboard of his car led to his death.

Ford claims the fire started at the rear of the car.

Since Jimmy’s death‚ at least 44 other Ford Kugas have caught alight on SA’s roads — at least nine in January.

Bollo said he lawyers went the urgent-application route "because every day people are accusing our client of things".

"All we are seeking are the necessary documents to help us establish the cause of the fires.

"We need and want to get to the bottom of this."

The application is due to be heard later on Wednesday.

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