The Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC) was established in 2011 to provide for the facilitation and coordination of the National Infrastructure Plan.

This is of significant economic and social importance to SA to give infrastructure development priority in planning, approval and implementation; to promote the development goals of the state through infrastructure development; and to improve the management of such infrastructure during all lifecycle phases, including planning, approval, implementation and operations.

The following positions in the PICC’s Technical Unit (TU) and Technical Project Management Unit (TPMU) need to be filled. (Information on applying for these positions can be found at the end of the article.)

TPMU | Contracts and dispute resolution specialist

Ref: PICC-2019-001

Full range of contract functions, including preparing and issuing solicitations, evaluating proposals, participating in contract negotiations, execution and administration of complex and technical services and dispute resolution.

TPMU | Configuration manager

Ref: PICC-2019-002

Develop and implement an effective knowledge management strategy to control information and records during the lifecycle of the organisation's projects, programmes and business activities, ensuring transparency, traceability, availability and audit compliance.

TU | Senior manager: operations and quality assurance

Ref: PICC-2019-003

Manage the operations of the Technical Unit, which include facilitating site visits to assess progress in strategic infrastructure projects (SIPs), unblocking challenges in SIPs and managing the quality of SIP coordination and reporting.

TU | Senior manager: SIP project coordination & monitoring

Ref: PICC-2019-004

Manage a team responsible for integrating, monitoring and coordinating the planning and implementation of the National Infrastructure Plan through regular engagements with key departments and public entities. Ensure data accuracy in preparation for annual scorecards and construction reports to the Cabinet.

TU | IT systems architect

Ref: PICC-2019-005

Provide technical leadership on all IT systems, hardware and software strategies. Identify, recommend, develop, implement and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of the PICC. Define and implement IT policies, procedures and best practice.

Young graduates (5 positions)

Ref: PICC-2019-009

The PICC is launching its Programme for Young Graduate Professionals in the infrastructure and built environment disciplines. Graduates will be involved in technical studies, investigations, analysis and development. Supporting and assisting SIP leads in their roles as custodians for their respective SIPs and assisting senior management of the PICC Technical Units with administrative tasks may be required.

TPMU | Energy specialist

Ref: PICC-2019-006

Energy generation, transmission and distribution is a critical part of the PICC portfolio. The incumbent will be responsible to drive the energy strategy for the PICC, lead policies and strategies for sustainable energy development at national level, and provide information, analyses and synthesis towards the development of strategies for the energy sector.

TPMU | GIS specialist (2 positions)

Ref: PICC-2019-007

Performing advanced technical analyses; providing technical support for GIS project implementation and operation; creating, testing and enhancing GIS applications; developing and administering web-based GIS applications; preparing GIS datasets, maps, database reports and specialised queries; and developing and administering GIS databases.

TPMU | Human settlements, housing and education specialist

Ref: PICC-2019-008

Lead policies and strategies for sustainable human settlements, housing and education development at national level. Provide information, analyses and synthesis towards the development of strategies for the sector. Conduct economic and sector studies.

TU: SIP lead (4 positions)

Ref: PICC-2019-010

The PICC is looking to appoint a SIP lead on a three-year fixed-term contract, reporting to the head of the PICC. The SIP lead is typically an individual who has experience in data analysis and project integration; who wants to contribute directly to the greater good of improving the lives of ordinary citizens of the country; and who can work diligently in a high-pressure environment to deliver excellence in a small team.

How to apply for these positions

Detailed job descriptions for all of the above positions can be found here. Unless otherwise stipulated, these positions will be based on a three-year (36-month) fixed-term contract.

Should you be interested in any of the above positions and meet the minimum qualifications, experience and skills requirements, please apply directly for the relevant position, stating the position and reference number, by emailing a detailed CV and cover letter to picc@idc.co.za. The closing date for applications is January 31 2019.

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