Picture: 123RF/ISMAGILOV
Picture: 123RF/ISMAGILOV

“The new normal” is the clearest shorthand we have for describing the world today, with everyone adapting to novel ways of working, living and socialising. Another handy aphorism is “we are all in the same boat”, but that belies a truth: we are all in the same ocean, but vastly different boats. People with secure jobs and their own homes are in a “better boat” for navigating the pandemic and lockdown. Similarly, companies where digital uptake was more advanced were better prepared to adapt to necessities such as telecommuting.

Digital transformation is a risk-mitigation strategy and a business continuity tool. What the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated was the realisation of this, in addition to the rate and state of it.

In this podcast we speak to Doug Woolley, Dell Technologies MD, on what chief information officers (CIOs) and other local digital decisionmakers are telling him about their readiness to change, highlighting the importance of digital transformation and how SA companies have managed the shift since the beginning of lockdown.

Woolley makes the case that the technology was ready and waiting for remote work, optimised financial systems, embracing automation, and more. Resistance to change was the stone in the path. Faced with lockdown however, companies — from small, to medium, to large — had no choice but to harness technology to adapt and enable business continuity and agility.

Dell Technologies, Woolley says, see themselves as a partner in this transformation journey. Today, Dell Technologies has adapted its own business processes and offerings, to bring things such as flexible financing, including zero-percent interest and PC-as-a-Service options to its clients, to help businesses reduce their risk and financial exposure while digitising their operations.

Dell Technologies offers end-to-end capability, with a focus on building human-centric technologies that are both accessible and affordable, which is the spirit of the cloud era.

Listen to the podcast below:

Watch the video below:

An interview with Doug Woolley, Dell Technologies MD.

For more information, visit Dell Technologies website

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