Openserve has signed agreements with international network providers in an effort to restore normal internet services to its users in SA after connectivity was interrupted last week due to breaks in undersea cables, the Telkom subsidiary said on Tuesday.  

Openserve, which provides telecommunications infrastructure, said last week that it had been liaising with the West Africa Cable System and the South Atlantic 3/West Africa Submarine Cable undersea cable consortiums to determine the loss of service on both cable systems.

The systems are deployed in the Atlantic Ocean, connecting SA and many other African countries to Europe. With a number of local and international licensed operators, Openserve holds equity in these cables.

Consumers and businesses in SA have been experiencing slow, unstable internet speeds due to the cable breaks. This has forced internet service providers including mobile network operators to divert traffic through other channels.

MTN, which operates in a number of African markets, said it is working to restore traffic through other channels. The operator said at the weekend it had fully resolved connectivity issues for its customers in Ghana.

“Commercial deals with several parties have been concluded and Openserve is now in the process of activating additional international connectivity capacity,”  the company said. This is in addition to the activation of spare capacity on other Indian Ocean-based undersea cables in which it has a stake.

Openserve said these measures will minimise some of the impact on its network and that of its clients, while repairs to the cable systems continue.