Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Propertuity, the company which created the Maboneng District in Johannesburg, has launched a residential container project in the city.

The recently completed Drivelines project is the first large-scale residential container development in SA.

"It sets an example of how thinking out of the box and beyond the traditional is not only desirable, but necessary in a world where overpopulation, economic hardship and environmental crisis are very real challenges" said Propertuity.

The project was conceived and implemented together with New York-based architecture firm LOT-EK, which was founded by Giuseppe Lignano and Ada Tolla.

The project comprises a multi-level structure using revamped shipping containers. The dwellings are seen as upper-end affordable housing.

The development is for rental living only. It has a total gross lettable area of 3561m². Rentals are R2,950 per month for a sharing option and R3,950 for a single unit. The most expensive is R4,950 for a single unit each month.

Maboneng already offers studios, one and two-bedroom apartments and penthouses. It intends to get more people to live in the Johannesburg’s inner city.


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