Picture: 123RF/HXDBZXY
Picture: 123RF/HXDBZXY

Shareholders have overwhelmingly rejected the remuneration policy of healthcare group RH Bophelo.

At the company’s AGM on Friday, 94% of votes cast went against the pay policy of RH Bophelo, which listed in July 2017.

RH Bophelo responded by saying that it did not have any employees, as staffing was under the care of RH Bophelo Management Company.

"RH Bophelo’s remuneration policy has been developed to guide the management company within the principles of the remuneration policy," it said.

The company asked dissenting shareholders to share their views on the pay policy.

In December 2018, 74.9% of votes cast at Spur Corporation’s AGM were in opposition to the group’s remuneration policy.