The true investment and wealth in life is in your wellbeing. Picture: 123RF/ANDREA DE MARTIN
The true investment and wealth in life is in your wellbeing. Picture: 123RF/ANDREA DE MARTIN

We live in a world where many women always ensure that their family, careers and friends are well taken care of, without even taking the time or moment to breathe. Women pour so much of themselves into everything around them that they often ignore themselves.

Aneesa Razack, CEO of share investing at FNB Wealth and Investments, “The saying ‘your health is your wealth’ may sound like a cliché but it’s one you should listen to: pause and see the importance of filling your cup to the brim first.”

The pandemic has come with many lessons. For one, it has taught us to appreciate the gift of life and good health as this has become the most valuable and precious blessing for everyone. Practising self-care, self-love and mindfulness is the best investment we can make for our energy — mentally, emotionally and physically — to be well balanced. This ensures that we can continue giving our best to the things that matter most — including ourselves.

“This Mother’s Month and for the rest of the year, we would like to empower women to regularly invest time — in their busy seven-day week schedule — and practice the five languages of love by Gary Chapman on themselves,” says Razack. 

Words of affirmation 

Buy yourself a journal and write down the positive phrases you can affirm daily to yourself after waking up or before going to sleep. A few examples of daily affirmations are: My body is healthy, and I am grateful, or I have the power to reach my full and best potential.

This is the best way to deposit positive words to your mind, body and soul every day.

Quality time

We can all agree that time is always of the essence but scheduling time for yourself is just as important. Simple daily mindfulness practices such as meditating, exercising at home or the gym, and even taking a nap will help you unwind or get your mind off things and focus on yourself. 

Use a journal during your quality time to jot down a bucket list of your dreams and aspirations that you would like to achieve in the short or long term. An example of this is wanting to be debt-free or to retire comfortably in your golden years.

Aneesa Razack, CEO of share investing at FNB Wealth and Investments. Picture: SUPPLIED/FNB
Aneesa Razack, CEO of share investing at FNB Wealth and Investments. Picture: SUPPLIED/FNB

Acts of service 

We’re often told to be strong or to keep going even when we have nothing to give. This is why practising self-care is such an important act of service to help recharge. This can be going for a walk or drive to a spot that brings you a sense of peace or helps you get a perspective on things.

Another act of service, especially if you don’t have medical aid benefits, can be saving up a small amount from your income for quarterly physical or mental health check-ups to address any health concerns earlier when they arise. 

You can also set a scheduled transfer to “pay yourself first” when automating the monthly savings towards your financial goals


Put thought and effort in everything you do — a little goes a long way. The truth is that most of the things we want from others — like love, happiness and contentment — should come from within. Spoiling yourself now and again with small gifts is part of self-love and appreciating yourself first. 

Register for the free courses that are aligned to your goals — be it personal or financial. The global pandemic has come with opportunities where people can enrol for free to acquire new skills or even watch step-by-step videos of things they love doing most, such as cooking and baking. Then master that skill to turn it into a side hustle to make some money. Gift yourself with knowledge and unlock your full potential.

Physical touch

This is what we all desire after a long day and the best part of this is that you can do it yourself, don’t always wait for someone else to pamper you. 

Run a hot bath with scented bath salts — also cost-effective is normal Epsom salts — to help release the stress or toxins from your body while soaking in. Sometimes you can just soak your feet in some hot water for a few minutes then use your daily body lotion or oil to massage your feet. Give yourself a simple at-home spa treatment: manicure, pedicure, facial, deep hair conditioning treatment to thank your body for all it does for you. 

“The true investment and wealth in life is in your wellbeing because your health is as important as wealth, if not more so. When you continue with your daily activities and focus on the things that matter most, remember that you only live once and your existence is unique to this world.”

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