Kevin Brady. Picture: SUPPLIED
Kevin Brady. Picture: SUPPLIED

The rival exchange to the JSE, A2X has added Standard Bank and consumer group AVI to its portfolio, taking the total number of companies listed on its platform to 13.

“The inclusion of Standard Bank’s ordinary and preference shares for trade on our exchange from Thursday next week, together with AVI, effectively doubles the size of the value of companies on our market from approximately R300bn to R600bn,” says Kevin Brady, the CEO of A2X.

Besides being the second largest financial services company on the JSE, what is even more significant for the start-up exchange is that Standard Bank was the second most traded share on the JSE by value for the 12  months ending October, according to Brady.

“We feel we are now at a tipping point. We think this sends a very strong message to other companies, because if the likes of Standard Bank see fit to list with us, this will give a great deal of other companies the confidence to do the same,” says Brady.

To make listing on A2X easy and convenient for JSE-listed companies, the “dual-listed” principle applies. To list on A2X just requires the consent of the company whose listing is in good standing on the JSE, in the same way as consent from a company with a primary listing in London would provide consent to list on the JSE. 

Brady says the second wave of the tipping point will be when the large investment managers and brokers begin investing in systems that will allow them to trade on A2X.

“In addition, as we add more companies to our market, it makes the economic decision for the brokers to accelerate investment in upgrading their pre- and post-trade systems to enable them to trade across markets more compelling.”