Energy Minister Jeff Radebe. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
Energy Minister Jeff Radebe. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

After much opposition and a delay of almost two years, Energy Minister Jeff Radebe signed agreements with 27 independent power producers. The signing is expected to unlock R56bn of investments into the sector over the next two to three years.

Business Day reported that the government was still considering more agreements with renewable energy independent power producers amounting to R64bn.

“Having signed these bid windows 3.5 and 4, we still have other projects in the pipeline to be signed. Furthermore, we are still giving consideration to the expedited bid window of 1,800MW, the equivalent of about R64bn awaiting processes depending on affordability, the prices, economics and value for money. This can also contribute another 80,000 jobs within the foreseeable future,” Business Day quoted Radebe as saying.

Business Day TV caught up with Radebe shortly after the signing and asked him what role he expected independent power producers to play in the sector.

Energy Minister Jeff Radebe talks to Business Day TV about signing the agreements with independent power producers