Amazon boxes are stacked for delivery in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Picture: REUTERS
Amazon boxes are stacked for delivery in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Picture: REUTERS

Software developers have more choice and control to create innovative solutions thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite of tools, AWS head of head of developer relations Adam Fitzgerald said at at a recent conference.

Cloud computing provider AWS, which plans to open its first data centre in Africa in Cape Town in 2020, has developed a set of technology software tools enabling developers to create new products.

“Things are different from five years ago. There are a broader set of tools, supporting programming languages and building automation tools that help them build the things that matter to them and clients,” Fitzgerald said.

There are more than a million developers worldwide using AWS’s computing platform, said Fitzgerald. He said over the past five years the number of services has more than doubled on the AWS platform.

AWS announced a number of new products at its recent re:Invent conference in Las Vegas that are aimed at helping businesses grow faster. This includes a satellite service, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence-related products. It also launched products for its public sector customers.

About eight years ago AWS launched its public sector division, which is focusing on providing cloud computing platforms that enable governments and non-profit organisations build their own software solutions.

Teresa Carlson, AWS worldwide public sector vice-president, said many governments were buying more than they needed when it came to information technology. But with AWS they are now able to cut costs, improve efficiency and pay for what they use.

“We offer much more modern and applicable approach. Governments only pay for what they use,” she said at the conference.

AWS has more than 2,000 public sector customers worldwide on its platform. The company is also working with about 22,000 non-profit organisations worldwide.