Nicole Reynolds-Frasca, an executive assistant, shares information on when a PA or executive assistant (EA) to the CEO should be approached to secure contracts, rather than trying to deal the CEO him/herself.

She advises that you do your research about the company and people you want to approach first. Call and introduce yourself, but most importantly send an e-mail to follow. This increases the likelihood that your query will be attended to, says Reynolds-Frasca.

When approaching a company entrepreneurs should explain who they are, what services they provide and how different they are to existing companies that provide the same services. Reynolds-Frasca also stresses the importance of giving references of credible people that you have done business with in the past as this ups your chances of getting your foot through the door. 

"Surprise the PA or EA by doing all that upfront," she says.

Watch the full interview with Allon Raiz below.

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