You may have noticed the Morningstar markets widget in the top bar of the BusinessLIVE website (it’s the bar graph icon next to the Facebook and twitter buttons), and if you’ve clicked on it, you’ll know that this takes you to a snapshot of all the important local and global market information.

Rolling over any of the indicators produces a line graph of the current day’s trading so far, or if it’s after hours, of the most recent trading day.

But this page is just the surface of a mine of market information and useful investment tools from Morningstar, available to BusinessLIVE Premium subscribers as part of your subscription package.

First-time subscribers get the first month for only R10. Take a look at our subscription options to find one that suits you.

Here is a selection of them, and how to use them:

Unit trusts

What is it?

The unit trusts page offers an easy way to compare funds across a range of parameters.

What’s special about it?

Using the filters, you can:

  • compare similar funds from different companies
  • compare funds within a single company
  • sort the funds you’re interested in according to their Morningstar ranking or according to category
  • access in-depth information about each fund by opening the PDF document, which tells you really everything you could want to know about any fund.

Using the tabs, you can compare performance over a range of periods, as well as fees and risk profiles of funds.

How will this help me?

If you already own unit trusts, you can use this to see how your funds are shaping up against their peers; or, if you’re considering buying unit trusts, you can use this to find the funds that best suit your needs.

You can also export this information to Excel at the touch of a button.


What is it?

The Xray tool enables you to “look inside” your entire unit trust portfolio, to see exactly how your money is invested.

What’s special about this?

It gives both a snapshot and a detailed view of the underlying investments in your fund portfolio, in terms of asset classes and geographic regions.

How will this help me?

The Xray shows you at a glance how well diversified your fund portfolio is, how your funds have performed, and whether you have investment overlaps. This makes for more informed discussions with your broker or adviser. A handy PDF button produces a PDF of this information.

Equities tear sheets
What is it?

The “Share Search” function produces a tear sheet. This is a page on the company’s share price performance over a range of periods up to 10 years; its financial performance; and some comparisons with its sector peers.

What’s special about this?

The tear sheet’s useful features include:

  • an incredibly detailed interactive chart that you can use to analyse share price performance over periods ranging from one day to 10 years, and using a wide variety of fundamental and technical tools;
  • detailed information on the most recent day’s trading;
  • fair value estimates and Morningstar quantitative ratings for that stock and two of its peers;
  • graphs showing up to 10 years’ worth of key company performance metrics – profits, returns, debt – and share price ratios (eg price:earnings); and
  • click-throughs to the company’s financial reports.

These are just a few of the features; the tear sheet is a trove of information, and future articles will go into more detail about specific features – or explore the tear sheet yourself; many of the features include explanations to tell you what you’re looking at.

How will this help me?

Whether you’re a value investor, a growth investor or keen on technical analysis, the equities tear sheets will give the info you’re looking for.

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