The SABC building in Auckland Park. Picture: SUPPLIED

The SABC has been ordered to pay a R20,000 fine for broadcasting the #FillUpTheDome concert‚ which contained profane language.

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA) made the order following complaints it received from Given Rapula.

In his complaint‚ Rapula said: "I want to launch another complaint about the use of profane language on SABC1. On Saturday November 18, SABC1 was broadcasting a #FillUpTheDomeDVD programme. The show was a full performance by Casper Nyovest at The Dome‚ and‚ therefore‚ it had use of profane language." Rapula complained that SABC1 failed to warn viewers about a language restriction on the programme‚ and failed "to clean it before broadcasting it".

The SABC argued that it was it was not able to follow the required operating plan due to processes that preceded the broadcasting of the concert.

"The programme was delivered late and we were racing for time to prepare it for broadcast‚ hence the language certification issue slipped through the cracks‚" the broadcaster said.

It argued that in a subsequent broadcast of the follow-up concert‚ it was able to fully comply with the required processes.

"The SABC would like to sincerely apologise to the tribunal and the complainant for the inconvenience caused. It is our humble submission that the Tribunal will be lenient with us after having proven that we have learnt from past mistakes and continue to comply."

The BCCSA found that the SABC failed to take the necessary precautions before the broadcast of the concert and thus contravened the provisions of the broadcasting code of conduct clauses.

The commission ordered the SABC to pay the fine by February 28.

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