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MARKET WRAP: Rand weaker, while metals help JSE

Lindiwe Tsobo

Still rising oil prices paint a poor picture for the global inflation outlook

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Coppola’s mega labour of love

Tymon Smith

Cannes audiences will have a chance to decide if ‘Megalopolis’ is ‘a vision of the future that is heaven on earth’

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EDITORIAL: End of Ellies is a cautionary tale

Despite warning signs, efforts to pivot proved insufficient

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SA bunkering industry missing out on shipping bonanza

Sars stalemate and port congestion mean opportunities are being lost amid surge of sea traffic around Cape of Good Hope

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Natasha Marrian Financial Mail deputy editor & columnist

NATASHA MARRIAN: Between life and death for political parties

With the election outcome poised on a knife-edge, even minor embarrassments can be the difference between life and death for political parties

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HEATH MUCHENA: Crypto industry a boon for emerging economies

Growth of trade in commodity-backed tokens offers resource-rich developing nations greater access to global marketplace

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What have employers learnt in the aftermath of Covid-19?

The pandemic has shown that employers must resist the temptation to act too quickly on the issue, and should properly weigh the risks involved

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