POLITICS LIVE: Kathrada's farewell may save Gordhan from axing - for now

'Zuma's well-laid plans did not reckon with a sudden dramatic event out of his control - the passing of struggle legend, Ahmed Kathrada'

5 hours ago
How Zuma has battered SA's credibility

'It’s obviously going to be interpreted very negatively by the markets unless we are able to explain in a compelling manner, which I think is difficult'

7 hours ago
Kathrada's letter to Zuma: 'Submit to the will of the people and resign'

'I know that if I were in the president’s shoes‚ I would step down with immediate effect'

8 hours ago
Ahmed Kathrada: A life of service and struggle

Kathrada spent 26 years and 3 months in prison‚ 18 of which were on Robben Island

9 hours ago
Struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada dies

In a tweet at 5.43am‚ the foundation said: "Ahmed #Kathrada has passed on. Details to follow."

9 hours ago
Kathrada's condition deteriorates as he contracts pneumonia

'Despite appropriate medical care, his condition is deteriorating. He is currently comfortable'

21 hours ago
Guptas climb on Zuma's bandwagon with fresh affidavit on Gordhan

'This litigation is evidently unnecessary and is pursued with an ulterior motive'

1 day ago
Zuma's man forced to quit Nelson Mandela Bay ANC position

Lungisa has been in a stand-off with Mantashe and the provincial ANC after he was elected as regional chair

1 day ago
POLITICS LIVE: Why Zuma is moving on Gordhan now

Gordhan is at the centre of two matters which are rapidly coming to a head

1 day ago
JUSTICE MALALA: Helen Zille - In a hole and digging furiously

'She sounded like Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini and President Jacob Zuma rolled into one'

1 day ago
Maimane 'wants Zille to quit' as Western Cape premier

'Whether the federal legal commission is charging me or not, whether I met Mmusi or I did not, what was said, what happened or what did not happen, I can't ...

2 days ago
Pandor says some cabinet colleagues have money 'well beyond what they earn'

'They should start asking questions about those people. It is well beyond what we earn'

2 days ago
Zuma proposes three new members of JSC amidst a storm of criticism

'The ANC and Zuma are only trying to have yes men and women in the JSC so that the JSC can appoint judges who can rule in their favour'

4 days ago
STEVEN FRIEDMAN: There's nothing radical about the ANC's policy proposals

'It’s not radical, nor will it achieve its stated aim, because it doesn’t suggest ways of moving the economy from its current pattern'

4 days ago
SA's corrupt government rigs tenders and enriches a tiny elite. The year is 1699

Government and business tender collusion has reached new heights, prices are fixed, corruption is rife, contracts are manipulated to enrich the most powerful, ...

4 days ago
Inside SA's simmering cauldron of hate and corruption

'I still think every day they will come for me. I’m fighting for my life'

6 days ago
TONY LEON: Why Maimane must act swiftly against Zille

'If the reputation of the party is harmed from within, he has to act swiftly to put it to rights'

6 days ago
Struggle heroes gather to pray for Kathrada's recovery

'I am here on behalf of the residents of Johannesburg to say to Kathy and his family‚ please get well‚ this country still needs you'

6 days ago
New law will ban foreigners from buying agricultural land in SA

Foreigners considering selling land must give the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform first option on the property, according to the bill

6 days ago
Maimane on Zille: No sacred cows in the DA

'I have a taken deliberate action to say the words of Premier Helen Zille are inconsistent with our party'

7 days ago