CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Out on the charcoal sea with the heroes of the SS Mendi

'They told how they clung to bobbing bits of wood from the breaking up Mendi until they were plucked from the sea by rescue ships'

2 days ago
JONATHAN JANSEN: Expect the nation to follow Parliament's violent example

'This is what happens when an utterly corrupt and contemptuous leader fails to step down. After all, the Constitutional Court found that the president had ...

3 days ago
TOM EATON: Love and Valentine's Day go together like a horse and abattoir

The Romantic-Industrial Complex has harvested the beautiful subtleties of attraction and loyalty, clamped them in a pink, fuzzy vice, and doused them with ...

5 days ago
CHARMAIN NAIDOO: There it was again, the reptilian laugh as the MPs screamed

'This week, I dug deep to find some way to understand the violence and the racism and the anger and the confusion and the hate at the State of the Nation ...

9 days ago
JONATHAN JANSEN: Are you teaching your kids how to grow in a free society?

'A dogmatic and self-assured adult who knows all the answers, whether a parent or teacher or priest, creates the deep furrows along which young minds travel'

10 days ago
TOM EATON: Robin Hoods and the sheriffs of Saxonwold

Certainly, our current politics might be livelier if the robbin' hoods in government, stealing from the poor to give to the rich, were forced to reapply for ...

12 days ago
CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Ninety-four deaths - the high price of losing our humanity

'The men and women died from dehydration and diarrhoea and epilepsy… and a lack of care'

15 days ago
A Springbok player married the love of his life. Then the racist trolls struck

'To be brutally honest‚ I really don't care what South Africans or any other person do or think about my marriage. I've got no time for that rubbish'

17 days ago
JONATHAN JANSEN: Why nobody smiles in an ID photograph

'My complaint to the supervisor was revealing. He explained something about shifts and doing all they can'

17 days ago
When 'fake news' is information you don't like

'It might be worth considering whether our current obsession with “fake news”, and our liberal application of the term, is just another way to dismiss things ...

19 days ago
TOM EATON: Beware the charms of the alternative fact brigade

'I don't know if the EFF has a propaganda department yet. I suspect their “war room” is just a dojo where senior Fighters gather around and applaud while ...

19 days ago
Donald Trump's first week: Sound and fury

There are some things that you just shouldn’t do if you’re POTUS, leader of the free world. Announcing your to-do list on Twitter for instance: Wednesday: ...

22 days ago
George Orwell is back as the post-fact era gets underway

The book, first published in 1949, features a devious "Big Brother" government that spies on its citizens and forces them into "doublethink"

24 days ago
JONATHAN JANSEN: The rush to cry 'racism!' exposes the sanctimonious hypocrites

The hypocrisy is staggering. Among these sanctimonious voices are people who probably have different cups and plates for the gardener and domestic

24 days ago
TOM EATON: Why Trump and the Jihadis prove the world is a better place

When bigots are frightened, it usually means that the world is moving, albeit slowly, in the right direction

26 days ago
Horological Machine 7: The R1.5m watch that is causing a stir

MB&F founder Maximillian Büsser was inspired by the anatomy of a jellyfish

27 days ago
CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Welcome to the great disruption

'Pursuing protectionism is like locking oneself in a dark room. Wind and rain may be kept outside, but so are light and air'

28 days ago
JONATHAN JANSEN: Here come the vultures with their bogus diplomas

They do not care about academic preconditions because that would hurt their margins — too few qualifying students mean too little money

1 month ago
TOM EATON: Nostalgia ain't what it used to be

When people fall in love, the music of the time often becomes the melody of their happiness

1 month ago
CHARMAIN NAIDOO: How will we remember them when they’re gone?

You notice it first as you drive out of the airport: swags of black fabric that go on and on as far as the eye can see, draped across walls and fences, ...

1 month ago