The truth about South Africa's illegal mining industry

It's a multibillion-dollar transnational business empire with its own financial targets, line managers, security personnel and CEOs

1 day ago
Sinking fast: The perilous state of SA's six big state-owned companies

A high turnover of senior management hobbles their ability to take decisions and massive losses threaten their financial viability

4 days ago
SARS yet to pay R20bn in VAT refunds, says Pravin Gordhan

Allegations have been made that the tax authority was withholding tax refunds to boost its tax revenue collection performance

5 days ago
Manyi quits Black Business Council

Manyi explained that his resignation was 'due to ever increasing responsibilities and time constraints'

7 days ago
How to pay no tax in the US

General Electric Co., International Paper Co., Priceline Group, and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. were among the companies that the Institute for Taxation and ...

12 days ago
Banks fight back against Zuma assault

'You have got to ask whether there are certain interests that feel threatened by a well-regulated system'

13 days ago
'Nobody' to blame for PetroSA's staggering R15-billion loss

MPs gasped audibly when it became clear that no-one was being held accountable for the loss

14 days ago
Zimbabwe seeks new electricity deal but owes Eskom US$40-million

'I don't want load shedding to return and we have been assured of continued support from Eskom so that we continue to have the country supplied with power'

14 days ago
The big misunderstanding at the core of economics

'Equilibrium is merely one of many conceivable states of that world; there’s no particular reason to believe that the economy would naturally tend toward it'

19 days ago
Prasa chairman Molefe heard of his sacking 'through the media'

'I believe that the decision of the Minister is reviewable and hereby give notice that I will seek re-course in the courts'

19 days ago
Global syndicates behind illegal miner mass killings

Behind the violence are armies of heavily armed thugs, allegedly including police, who help syndicates wage a war for control of the highly lucrative ...

20 days ago
Should the retirement age be raised to 70?

'Not raising the retirement age will have serious ramifications for the majority of lower-income South Africans who don’t have a private pension fund'

21 days ago
STEVEN BOYKEY SIDLEY: Why Net1 will continue distributing grants, like it or not

'This is a massive, audacious and labyrinthine machine that has been built over decades and tens of thousands of man-development hours, and it works'

22 days ago
Consumer Commission could fine Ford 10% of turnover over flaming Kugas

'This is about a critical safety matter, with people's lives potentially in danger. We want to get to the bottom of this'

26 days ago
Prasa boss fired over 350% salary increase

The board confirmed that it had not authorised his pay hike and said it viewed the controversy over his pay “in a dim light”

28 days ago
The problem with Pravin Gordhan's big tax squeeze

Efforts to fight corruption and reduce government expenditure take a back seat to the easy money that comes from raising taxes

29 days ago
Standard Bank may have to pay R51bn fine over forex

The implicated banks would have to pay much less if the fine were calculated on the turnover of their currency units, said Intellidex analyst Stuart Theobald

1 month ago
SA banks may be fined '10 percent of turnover' over forex scandal

'The respondents manipulated the price of bids and offers through agreements to refrain from trading and creating fictitious bids and offers at particular ...

1 month ago
REVEALED: How Eskom load-shedding was a get-rich scheme

The blackout emergency, which cost South Africa an estimated R300-billion, was engineered to benefit favoured companies

1 month ago
Monopoly capital? How big retail chains keep the small guy down

'The formal South African supermarket industry is concentrated, with only a handful of large chains holding more than 70% of the national market share'

1 month ago